At the Hershey Car Museum… Again

This past holiday season my long-time pal Alex came from Georgia to visit us in our snow-covered corner of Pennsylvania. And what was there to do between our drinking rampages klatches other than going to all sorts of local museums and pretending to be cultural devotees and connoisseurs of the beautiful? On one of those cultural campaigns we happened to be visiting the Antique Auto Museum of America in Hershey.

It was my second time at the museum, so I wanted to pay more attention to the facts on the exhibit plates; but I think I still managed to take some decent shots. You be the judge.



007Most exhibits in the museum’s collection have been preserved so well that only an unusual (by today’s standards) appearance of cars and motorcycles can allude to the fact that all of them are actually rarities, and quite old ones. Of course, there are also items made of less durable materials, but then attractiveness does not necessarily fade with age.

002As best-looking things are usually hand-made or at least involve significant human labor, it comes as no surprise that the vehicles from the dawn of the automotive age are so good-looking. Besides, there was not too much concern about fuel efficiency and aerodynamics back in the day. People just drew their designs on paper and built:
__“Dad, I want a motorcycle.”
__“Alright, son, just give me a few hours.”

Visually, old automobiles rarely had weak points, be it the hood ornaments,



the headlights,


005the steering wheel or the dashboard,


013or most anything else.




017Even the implementations of some of the most ridiculous and outrageous ideas (again, by today’s standards) somehow look natural and cute.

016The museum also features a collection of old buses, which are perhaps even more extinct than antique cars, now that most families can afford personal combustion engine transportation; and other, more cost effective forms of mass transit have emerged.


021I can only fancy the spirit of freedom and adventure when flocks of baby-boomers on either coast of the country would take a bus ride down the shore to, say, have fun on the beaches of Florida, or experience the wild life in Arizona.


020And though we might no longer have the same means of transportation, I am just hoping we have still got the spirit. And if so, I say fill up your tank…

011and get that engine going!

022Till next time.


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