Across Rhode Island

On the seventh day of our trip, Rhode Island was the only New England state we had not yet visited; that is, not counting a short stop we would have to make in Mystic, Connecticut, on the way home. But there were no worries about the crowded schedule or long distances this time. Rhode Island is a small state, really, and we only had two places to cover, Providence and Newport, which are only 30 sorry miles apart :)


For a capital and the largest city, Providence looked actually quite deserted. But then, again, we realize how many times such phenomena had already occurred for us at other sites, so this was hardly a surprise. Besides, we were lucky enough to catch a nasty morning drizzle; and I myself would have unlikely crawled out of my apartment on a rainy Sunday morning had I lived in the neighborhood.

Anyway, we started the exploration of Providence by wandering across the campus of Brown University, another Ivy League school. Some university buildings had a smooth antiquee look while others appeared much more modern or at least renovated.

We then moved on to the downtown section, hoping for the rapid improvement of weather conditions. Sadly, our hopes were not meant to come true, and we had to fall back on our less-than-luxurious sedan for most city navigation.

Apart from the worst roads we had seen in the U.S. (rivaling even the New York City metropolitan area), Providence was lovely. We saw some pleasant architecture.

And we saw some nice-looking floral decoration on the streets.

And sometimes there were both.

Altogether, a very pleasant sight.


Newport is pretty much all about the mansions. Since photography is prohibited inside, there was no point in spending the time and money on walking the estate tours. (All the more so because it was still raining and we wanted to be home as early as possible.) So, we had the insolence to take pictures of anything we considered pretty—facades, gardens, and other exterior—free of charge.

Can you just imagine having one of these homes all to yourself? The utilities bill must be a killer :)

Not much else to see in Providence, though. There is a port and a few other beauties of course, but that is not enough for true all-round urban experience. Unless you are an architect perhaps.

Rephrasing the facetious quote from Forrest Gump, “And that is all we have to say about Rhode Island.” Below is the usual map:


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