Across New England

It has been a while since my last post, but very little has happened travel-wise, and certainly nothing worth blogging about. However, recently we have fulfilled our dream to explore the very Northeast of the country by going on a week-long trip to New England. We have visited all six states; namely, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island. I have finished processing the photos (of which there were a thousand before my merciless decimation), so the posts about each individual state will soon follow.

Since we were short on time, I had to be creative with the route to avoid much side- and backtracking. For that very reason it was decided that Connecticut and Massachusetts had to be crossed twice, first on the West side—while going North to Vermont—and then on the East—on the way back down from Maine and New Hampshire, incidentally passing through Rhode Island as well. As a result, some of the maps in the following posts will not show contiguous routes; so, as a heads-up for the readers, no teleport was in use.

As a final word, here are a few stats of our trip: 6 states, 7 days, 1000 pictures, 2000 miles, and, unfortunately, tons of junk food. And this is the map of our wanderings:


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