Memorial Day on Waterfalls

Having fought the weather, my laziness, and a few unidentified extraterrestrial factors for a few consecutive weekends, I have finally gathered my will and camera in one backpack and headed to Northern Pennsylvania for some nature’s beauties. I am talking about the waterfalls in the Ricketts Glen State Park, of course. I was counting on some grand payoff for my two-and-a-half-hour drive. That is why my expectations were a bit optimistic, given all the information and a few lousy shots I found out on the park’s Web site. “Nonetheless,” I was thinking, “of the twenty-some falls there have to be some nice ones.”

In terms of hiking, I was fancying an easy hour-long walk beside a chain of waterfalls, connected with a smooth road of puddled clay or dirt at the worst. In a brief conversation I happened to strike with another tourist, I learned that ahead of me were three to four hours of primitive terrain, with tons of ascents and descents to be managed on a brim of forest cliffs. (Good thing I brought my sneakers with me on that hot Monday afternoon.) Whereas the hike was indeed non-trivial and quite dangerous, I was done in just over an hour and thirty minutes.

Now I shall stop my narration and let you enjoy what this post is all about. First, a few pics taken on the way to the park as well as the first waterfalls.

And then the bigger stuff began.

Not only the slope, but the very shape of each waterfall is different.

Some of the waterfalls were pretty tall and had only a small number of drops.

Others were flatter and had lots of cascades.

Some were pretty wide.

On many intervals the path changed from just scary

to really scary.

And so were the people: from just brave

to plain crazy.

To satisfy the curious reader, here is what some waterfalls look like at the top.

And even a rare opportunity to take a look from behind.

Now, back to work! The refreshing journey is over :)


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