A Bit More of Pennsylvania

After the post on Pennsylvania I started thinking that an overview of a state is definitely missing something if not a word has been said about its largest city. Even more so I live less than an hour away from it. So, I have decided to share a handful of pics taken in Philadelphia on three different occasions over the period of nine or so months. I also complement that with a humble photo set of West Chester (not to be confused with the county in New York), another lovable place in our vicinity.

I will not boast any kind of erudition on historical or cultural values of the region, so a scholar will probably find my comments quite scarce and subjective. Well, this is more or less intentional.

West Chester

Amongst numerous farm lands and other rural accessories lavishly scattered around the noble Chester county, West Chester is—expectedly—one of the liveliest towns. Expectedness comes not only from its name and administrative status, but by virtue of hosting the West Chester University campus. A lot of young and middle-aged crowds can be seen inside and around the downtown bars and restaurants.

Overall, the architecture is not too “presumptuous,” but features a lot of appealing facades.

This is the campus of West Chester University:

King of Prussia

Even if the two IKEA stores are not enough, the King of Prussia mall alone makes the southeast of Pennsylvania a huge shopping mecca. The mall is in fact one of the biggest in the nation, which is not a bit endearing to me. What is endearing, however, is the Valley Forge National Historic Park, also located in King of Prussia. Impressive size and aesthetic flavor make it a popular spot among local hikers, bikers, and all sorts of naturalists.

Please do not comment on my exuding bench fetish.

A very enjoyable place.


I am pretty sure that most people have not heard of West Chester or King of Prussia. However, I am confident that Philadelphia is known way beyond an average movie buff circle.

Philadelphia, like any big American city, has tons of goods and bads, traffic being the “viciest” incarnation of the latter. Going to Philly is rarely a quick ride, no matter how artful one’s routing is; yet getting around the place is no simpler task. Add on the parking hassle, and it becomes evident that using public transportation could be a much more elegant practical move, at least on a sunny day.

There is of course a business center in Philadelphia, hence the skyscrapers.

Surely it is an American city, hence the churches.

Nevertheless, tt was partly built by Europeans, hence many beautiful buildings.

It is a crowded place, hence the wide streets and recreational areas.

It is a hospitable city, hence all the love.

It is a major transit hub, hence the busy and motley crue crowd.

It is enjoyed by most aesthetically refined individuals, hence all the details.

It can be dangerous, hence all the precautions.

It is full of art-lovers, hence—duh—all the art.

(No comments please about placing the following masterpiece right after Dali  :)

And finally, this is just another human stronghold, hence all the booze.


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